Chad M. Peterson


Sure, it’s easy for people to tell you how great they are, but it’s better if you hear it from those who know first hand.

How much I miss Chad really is a reflection of how much I enjoyed working with him, and I miss him a lot! I met Chad early in his career when he started with PrimeLending. Through the 10 years he was here, we collaborated on numerous projects including Communications initiatives, Marketing efforts, sales rallies, and incentive trips. Through each endeavor, Chad used his tremendous gift with words to articulate messages from our leaders and the company as a whole. On top of that, his creativity never ceased to amaze us. The unique stamp Chad added to each project made it effective, special, and memorable. Any organization will benefit greatly from his contributions and will find an energetic heart behind everything he brings.

Dawn Robinson | 8.15.2020

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Chad at 2 different companies now, and I’ve been truly impressed to see how his unique contributions to the organizations make a remarkable positive impact. He brings great energy and creative direction to marketing. His communications are consistent and concise as well as informative and inspiring. Using his knowledge, skills, and talents (and humor), the marketing, communications, and events projects produced by Chad not only further the growth and mission of the company but also greatly add to its culture. He’s an exceptional team member and a great “get” for any organization!

Chad Hardgrave | 6.3.2020

I’ve collaborated with Chad on countless marketing and events projects over the last 15 years. Through that decade and a half, I’ve been extremely impressed by Chad’s strong attention to detail and consistency of character. He takes a well thought out and strategic approach to each project. Chad is thorough in planning and implementing all aspects of successful project management including building a team, structuring a timeline, and crafting consistent communications. Chad’s humor and wit enhance both the final product and the overall experience working with him. I’ve greatly valued our professional relationship and look forward to it continuing for many years to come.

Judy Bragg | 5.27.2020

“A man of vision.” That’s how I best describe Chad. I’ve had the pleasure and honor of supporting several conferences and events for Chad over the years. Not only is he an incredible visionary, his creativity and commitment to detail is bar none. Chad has this incredible talent of balancing demanding, high expectations from his stakeholders and ensuring his support team is motivated, appreciated and has a little fun along the way.

Robbie Glowczwski, DMCP | 2.26.2020

From the day I started with First Choice Loan Services, Chad was right there. He worked with me and my quirkiness on my last name with my two dots, and he made it work. He made sure they appeared on every one of my marketing pieces from that day forward. He was always willing to listen to my ideas and create something extraordinary that always got “Wow’s”. Chad’s communication skills were fantastic with everyone in the company. His content was great, he was accessible and he was always beyond personable. Any company will be lucky to have him in its marketing/communications department.

Suzanne Söderberg, CDLP | 2.19.2020

I have worked with many Marketing and Communications executives in my career. Chad Peterson remains one of the best that I have worked with, in fact so great that I’ve worked with Chad at three different companies. Chad combines his incredible talent for developing the marketing and communication strategy with his servant leadership style that made our teams extremely successful. Never a project went by that Chad was not willing to help focus the team and roll his sleeves up to ensure the team’s success. I highly recommend Chad Peterson for any Marketing and Communication leadership role and would gladly work with him again.

Ryan Cook | 2.19.2020

Chad is a dynamic and motivational individual. I have had the pleasure of working with Chad for the past 10+ years and experiencing his talents as a Marketing talent. The creativity, levity and wit he brings to an organization is impressive and truly refreshing. His passion is his drive and a quality that is vitally important in today’s work environment. I will always be grateful for having gotten to know Chad and worked with him for so many years. And I will especially be thankful for the friendship we developed along the way.

Nicki Davis | 2.13.2020

Chad is one of those people you enjoy working with because he is both extremely capable and immensely personable. When it comes to both internal corporate communications, and building outstanding external marketing programs, he’s the one you can rely on to get it done, and done well. Not only is Chad meticulous and thorough, he also brings a great energy to any team with endless positivity … and outfits that are always the sharpest in the room. 

Sean Donahue | 2.10.2020

Chad is one of the most passionate and creative people that I have worked with. He throws himself headlong into his work and focuses on every detail. He rarely has met a challenge or hurdle that he hasn’t been able to work his way through. Over the years, he has taken his experiences and built his career by stair stepping his accomplishments one upon the other.

Greg Lambert | 2.8.2020

I have worked with Chad for over 10 years and it has been awesome!! I always look forward to talking to him or seeing him on the Power Producer trips every year. He is a person who can make you laugh which we really need in this business. He has helped me tremendously with my marketing and has been a huge asset for the company. I know that the company that hires Chad will see what a fantastic person that he is and how dedicated to his job that he has always been. I will really miss him!

Jerry Frye | 2.6.2020

Chad has been a pleasure to work with. He is very knowledgeable and dedicated to supporting the sales and executive staff for their Marketing and/or event planning needs. Chad strives for perfection. He is honest and direct. Beyond all of that he is a great person and would be a tremendous asset to any company.

Timothy Sheahan | 2.5.2020

I have worked with Chad Peterson for over a decade, and he’s a rock star at marketing.

RJ Crosby | 2.5.2020

Chad is one of the most outstanding professionals I have met in my career.

He is a strong strategic individual and has the ability to quickly identify business needs and through that, define an ambitious and realistic marketing/communications plan.

He achieves this by asking the relevant and simple questions in a highly intelligent way and defining an actionable plan using his outstanding personal skills.

Chad excels in supporting organizations and its employees with their pursuit of excellence.

Norman T. Koenigsberg | 2.4.2020

Chad Peterson is an exceptional professional in his chosen field: Communications & Marketing. I had the pleasure of working with him for over 8 years, and was always in awe of his creativity and his ability to execute his original ideas and plans flawlessly. He promoted our company to gain recognition for our brand, our people and our products by leveraging his experience and contacts, resulting in nary a missed opportunity. His new and inventive contributions created an environment that focused on our First Choice “family,” resulting in positive outcomes for our executives, mortgage professionals and teammates. I’m always eager to “see what he will do next” because he constantly improves and amazes with his ingenious creativity. His charm, humor, and wit are contagious, and he is a valued team member for those lucky enough to work with him

Kimberley Crosby | 2.3.2020

For the past 6 years, I’ve worked with Chad on marketing and communications projects for my business, and I’ve been incredibly impressed with his attention to specific factors, his immediate action to serve his internal clients, and problem-solving skills all make him a wonderful asset to a team. His keen focus on details and his creative thinking also made him exceptional at planning the incentive trips for First Choice. My wife and I experienced amazing times due to Chad’s remarkable work. I’m grateful for the time we worked together, and I know others will be too!

Reid Waltzer | 2.3.2020

I had the pleasure of working with Chad at PrimeLending in a direct reporting relationship. He consistently delivered high quality work in both marketing and event planning and execution.

Chad has a gift of being able to use his wit and humor to help turn stressful situations into winning outcomes.

I would highly recommend Chad to anyone seeking a talented professional for marketing or event planning.

Scott Bristol | 2.3.2020

Chad is a consummate professional and his enthusiasm and attentiveness to the marketing and communication needs of executives, high-volume sales leaders, and other employees is unmatched. His work is innovative, passionate, and consistently on-point. Chad can easily adapt the tone, reverence, and content to meet the audience. Additionally, Chad has an exceptional talent for event planning, from executive huddles to large production award experiences—for that is truly what he creates, an experience. I had the pleasure of attending several experiences Chad arranged and left each thinking he had set the bar so high, the next would likely pale in comparison. Quite the opposite, each year was unique and set a new standard. In addition to logistics, Chad is an extremely talented Master of Ceremony, bringing a balance of wit, humor, and respect to the presentation.

Jerra Ryan | 2.3.2020

Chad is an outstanding communications professional. I had the pleasure of working with him first when I was an in-house client, and most recently as a corporate team member. He routinely navigates challenges and changes that would frustrate and hinder a lesser person. And he does it with wit and insight. Chad’s creativity, leadership and dedication are three key traits that contribute to his success and the success of the projects he manages. Although it’s hard to choose one area of excellence, his skill with internal communications is unparalleled. He tailors his tone to the audience and topic, resulting in a clear, concise message. P.S. AMAZING event planner, too!

Jane Burns | 2.3.2020

I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Chad Peterson! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chad for the last 6 years at First Choice Loan Services Inc. and he is a “must” to have aboard on any team. He is always ready and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. He is very appreciated by his peers and also by superiors. Often seen as the “creative force” behind our marketing and communications needs, he is often sought out for his creative expertise. Chad has proven himself to be an invaluable part of this, or any team that he joins and I highly endorse his hiring in any capacity. I am honored to have worked with him for these past 6 years and consider myself incredibly lucky to call him my friend.

Alicia de Armas | 2.3.2020

Chad is one of the most brilliant and creative people I have ever met from a marketing and event standpoint. I have known Chad personally for over 10 years and can truly say he is one of the best in industry. It’s a profession not a job, and you can clearly see that in his commitment.

Chris Nooney | 2.2.2020

Few people are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with an Marketing Executive as outstanding as Chad Peterson. I have had the pleasure of working with Chad, supporting his meeting and event needs for 9 years. Chad constantly impresses me with his ability to take a simple idea and turn it into something meaningful and memorable. Whether it be creating a new logo, ramping up a social media campaign, coordinating a high-level meeting or celebrating top producers; Chad takes on every project with a fresh approach and a clear focus on the objective.

All of these skills mixed with his amazing creativity, outgoing personality and a witty sense of humor makes working with Chad truly enjoyable. I would highly recommend Chad Peterson for any position he chooses to pursue.

Michele Cirone | 1.31.2020

Chad Peterson goes above and beyond expectations in both Communications and Marketing. As a Graphic Designer, he makes my job much easier by consistently displaying his ability to share a clear vision of each and every project. Chad’s leadership skills, positive energy, and unique ideas make him an extraordinary person to collaborate with.

David Pugliese | 1.31.2020

I had the total pleasure of working with Chad at PrimeLending. His creativity is unlimited. His communication skills put mine to shame. His ideas are consistently fresh, fun, and on point, and he was a joy to have as an associate.

Chad also had the remarkable ability to work under pressure, lots of it, and quite often. He always knew someone or some place or something that resolved every applicable crisis and made it seem like nothing had been much of a crisis at all.

I have referred Chad many times to those who clearly needed his talents. I will continue to do so and only hope I have the opportunity to work with him again. Unbounded creativity, unparalleled fun, superb communicator, and a committed leader all best describe Chad. I recommend him highly.

Kathleen Heck | 1.31.2020

Chad Peterson is one of the most brilliant and creative professionals that I have had the pleasure of working along side of. I have known Chad now for some 15 or so years, and his attention to detail is impeccable. He has a great first-hand working knowledge of marketing, corporate communications, social media, copy writing and is an outstanding large events & company incentive trip planner. Chad oversaw multiple departments with several direct reports, whom he was a servant leader to and continually fostered their growth and advancement within the organization.

James Iley | 1.30.2020

Chad Peterson is a rock star. Hands down. He brings creative, yet well directed, energy to all tasks. He has a wonderful vision for bringing projects to life, and I always enjoyed working with him! He is an incredible asset and any team would be very lucky to have him.

Becky Hale | 10.17.2013

Chad is one of the most creative, business savvy “marketeers” that I know. He is an out of the box thinker that enables clients / colleagues the ability to not only differentiate themselves in the marketplace, but magnify their spheres of influence beyond their wildest dreams. Chad is witty, sassy and smart!

Mark Raskin | 4.27.2011