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A speech delivered by PrimeLending Senior Vice President of National Production Dawn Robinson at the company’s annual Sales Rally (SuperBowl theme).

A flip of the coin.  Every football game begins with a simple flip of the coin.  A referee steps on the field with the quarterbacks from each team; the coin is flipped, heads or tails is called and the defensive and offensive sides are named.  The game can start.  And some say this is the moment that decides the outcome of who will win.

But I can’t believe that.  I can’t believe a flip of the coin — when the odds are simply 50-50 — can determine which team comes out on top.  If you have ever watched a football game, you know that so many more factors determine the final outcome.  Sure, the flip of the coin starts each side’s strategy.  But after the coin lands, it is anyone’s game.  The question then becomes “Who will win?”  Gamblers, sportscasters, and fans have tried to answer this question since the invention of sports:

How do you predict the winner?

Some would say the number of fans you have is the best indication of who will win.  The more cheerleaders you have (or the better looking they are), some would believe, give you the winning advantage. The more people you have in the seats of the stadium or the more people you have watching from home can determine how more likely you are to win.  People might swear that if you sell out the stadium, your team will be celebrating victory by the time the last second appears on the clock.

At PrimeLending, I’m proud to say that we have a good number of people cheering for us.  Our Customer Satisfaction Surveys clearly reflect our clients are among our fans, with positive responses numbering well into the tens of thousands.  In every category measured, our rankings start with a 93% approval rating and just go up from there.  Sure, we’d love 100%, but that only gives us room for improvement.  It’s a place for us to go in the future, a new challenge for PrimeLending to once again conquer, but we’ve got a great head start.

In the same way, we know a few of the most important fans for you are the ones you have at home.  What you do is so important, and we also know the *reasons* you do what you do are even more important.  You can trust that our Core Conviction of a People Centric Culture includes your family.  Knowing how important they are to you makes them important to us.  We realize that time, energy and hours you spend for PrimeLending come at the cost of time, energy and hours with those you love, and for this, we thank both you and them.  You work as hard as you do for them; and with special fans like that cheering you on, you’re bound to win.

Some say the win is clinched by having the home field advantage.  Playing on your own turf makes the difference.  They think when you’re playing at home, there’s no way for you to lose.  You’re familiar with your surroundings, you know the systems, you know the fans, the cheers.  You’re comfortable when playing at home.

At PrimeLending, you all should feel like you are playing with the home field advantage. We have the ability to lend in all 50 states, so with our resources, no matter where in the country you are, you can help a family close on a home anywhere in the United States.  You aren’t limited.  Likewise, those that work with and for you at the Corporate office are just a phone call or email away.  Yes, we may be in different cities, different area codes, and different time zones, but regardless of where your desk sits, your Corporate support is always nearby.  No matter where your branch is located, we want you to feel comfortable, supported and safe.  With PrimeLending, you are home.

Some would say the team that wins is the team that has the best staff.  Each team you ever see playing football is made up of more than just who you see in uniform on the playing field.  Assistant coaches, trainers, equipment managers, and so many others provide support to the team in every way.  There’s a team you don’t see behind the team you do see.

At PrimeLending, you have the best people behind you.  Our teams in Underwriting, Closing, Post-Closing, IT, Accounting, Quality Assurance, Marketing, Legal and Human Resources all come to work every day with you in mind.  They know that you are our team on the field, and each person in those areas works so hard every day so that you can play the game better.  The stories of success from our different departments can never be told separately from stories of your success.  We work to improve our systems, not to make our jobs easier but to make your job easier.  Implementing PrimePath, taking a proactive approach to LO compensation changes, venturing into social media, all these tools are just a few ways that we work to continually adjust and adapt to the changing needs that you have.  Our departments work to give you the equipment, the knowledge, and the skills you need to play the absolute best you can.  As our Core Convictions share, we are “One Team/One Purpose.”  You, the team on the field, are our driving force and our daily focus. We look ahead not to find a final destination for ourselves but to find a new horizon for you. The only way they win is if YOU win, and that’s the goal of each person in each department every day. 

Some would say you can’t have a winning team without the best coaches.  The only way a team can reach any sort of top ranking is if they have the right coach to lead them there.  All the power and all the success come from the one who calls the plays, some would say.

At PrimeLending, your leaders are behind you 100%.  You can trust in us and in PrimeLending as a whole because we really put our trust in you.  When you are playing for our team, you’re in essence wearing our jersey, wearing our name.  We trust you to carry the name PrimeLending into your communities, knowing that you will represent us well and be living examples of our Core Convictions.  We trust that you will continue to uphold our 25 years of excellence, even if the name PrimeLending isn’t familiar in your town—yet.  We trust that you give your all for your clients, keeping them informed and knowledgeable about this major financial investment in their lives.  We trust you to be PrimeLending.

As we trust in you, we hope you feel a similar trust in us as we lead you.  You can trust that we work every day to make the decisions and move the direction that will bring PrimeLending and you to new heights and greater success.  You can trust that we plan to continue to provide you the tools and resources you need to grow your business and expand your influence.  But, above all you can trust that, as your coaches, we sincerely care for you.  As your management team, we really work to know you as an individual.  We know that you don’t just wear a football helmet for PrimeLending; you wear a lot of different hats throughout your day.  You’re not just a PrimeLending Player, but you’re a father or mother, a husband or wife, you’re involved in your community, your church, your charities, your hobbies.  You may be a painter or an actor or a musician or an athlete.  We want to know you because only when we truly know you as a person can we do a better job of helping you reach your goals in life.  In football, there are numbers on the jerseys, but at PrimeLending, you are so much more than a number to us.

Some would say the team’s record is the best indicator for future success.  Look at their previous performance, and you’ll know how they will do in the future.  Review the stats before the game, and they think picking the winner is simple.

At PrimeLending, our record couldn’t be much better.  Most know the beginning of our story.  We were founded by Roseanna McGill in 1986.  Then, we had a team of 20.  Then, we were producing $80M.  Then, no one knew who we were.  Now, we have individual Loan Officers producing well over that $80M we once did as an entire company.  Now, as a company, we have over 1,900 team members.  Now, we produce $7.5B.  Now, we have Branch Managers who were born the year PrimeLending was founded.   

Twenty-five years in the mortgage industry is like a lifetime in other fields of business.  Our longevity is not to be understated.  Be rightfully proud to be a part of a company that has weathered practically every type of economic environment that can exist in our nation and still continues to stand strong.  As Alan White says, “We not only survive but we thrive.”

And lastly, some will hold fast that the only way to win is to have the best players.  They say that all that matters is the team on the field.  Put the best athletes out there, and victory is not only in sight, but it’s guaranteed.

At PrimeLending, I know without a doubt that we have the best players of any team around.  Their number of years in the game may vary, but the skills and talents that you all show in the mortgage industry are remarkable.  Yes, sometimes, there are fumbles; occasionally, there are interceptions.  A bad play or two happen in any game.  We know that 2011 looks to be a challenging year– but for every bad play that might occur, we have ten times as many touchdowns.  You daily and practically hourly give us reasons to do victory dances around the office (by the way, Scott Eggen’s are usually the best to watch). We confidently know that each of you have the skills to win—even if the game ahead looks to be a tough one.  With all of the wonderful bragging points we have to share about PrimeLending, I believe our strongest bragging points are sitting in the chairs in front of me now. 

Some of you are in your early seasons with PrimeLending.  Other members of the PrimeLending team are veterans and have been with us for a long time.

[Those who have been with PrimeLending over 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 25 years stand.]

These individuals have played through some hard seasons and keep coming back for more— for which we are very grateful.  We have so much to learn from them, and I could not feel any better knowing that these people are on OUR team.

If you’ll allow me, I’d like to take a personal moment to say how honored and humbled I am to be among all of the players of the PrimeLending team.  Yes, you do an amazing job in producing loans.  Yes, you all help our company’s ‘bottom line,’ so to speak.  But beyond anything else, the quality of your character shines bright.  I am daily reminded of the incredible people that are a part of PrimeLending.  Dedicated, loyal, committed.  The hardest working people in the industry with the highest level of integrity.  I love that we take the field together.  I love being on your team.

So, how do I think you can predict a winning team?  I think they are all right.  It’s not just one of those things.  It’s all of them combined.  It takes every one of those elements to make a winning team, and it’s clear that we have them all.  The loyal fans, the home field advantage, the strong support staff, the incredible coaches, the amazing record, and the outstanding players—they are all here at PrimeLending. 

And that doesn’t just make us the winners.  That makes us the CHAMPIONS!

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