The Who You Are Meant To Be

The Who You Are Meant To Be

The Who You Are Meant To Be

What a year this has been, not pleasant in the least.
No matter if you’re from the west or the east.
Each day has been long; each day feels the same.
For one, I’m surprised what 2020 became.

The pandemic, unemployment, not to mention the election
(If I left something out, please send me a correction.)
It makes sense in a year when you repeat the same number
That each day feels the same, from waking to slumber.

Birthdays, anniversaries and parties on Zoom.
Celebrating with many all alone in your room.
No fun trips to Vegas to gamble and place bets.
It’s mostly just sitting at home in your sweats.

I can’t say it has been fun. For many, it has not.
This year, 2020, has been quite a lot.
Lots of worries and tears and binge watching too.
And there’s still more to come. The year is not through.

We knew they’d arrive; the holidays are here.
But in this odd year, we may not find cheer.
A time to give thanks when it’s hard to be grateful.
A time to feel joy in a world that seems hateful.

These holidays feel different; they can seem out of reach.
Then I thought of some people Who have a lesson to teach.
Their Christmas was different, almost stolen in fact.
By a furry green man with no smile, no tact.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas, it’s a story you know.
But this year it’s more than a movie or a show.
There are lessons to learn about the choices you choose
And inspiration for us all to be much more like the Whos.

The planned for a normal Christmas, one like all the others.
A time with Who Dads, Who Moms, Who Sisters, Who Brothers.
Exchanging their gifts and feasting on Who pheasant
Not knowing the Grinch had plans so unpleasant.

That’s when it all happened. That’s when it all went down.
The Grinch came to Whoville and robbed the whole town.
The Whos were treated badly and in a way they never earned.
It’s in their response to this event there is a lesson to be learned.

With their presents all gone, they still gathered with joy.
Every Who Mom and Who Dad, every Who Girl and Who Boy.
They sang all together, their voices raised high
With the spirit of Christmas, not a tear in their eye.

That’s not meant to say that it’s wrong to be sad.
Your feelings are yours. I have nothing to add.
You know your own heart and all that it can take.
But sometimes, just sometimes, it’s okay to take a break.

A break from the worry, the tears and the news.
A break from seeing how much you can lose.
A break from thinking you may not have much
To honor parts of your heart that no one can touch.

The part that finds joy although you feel sorrow.
That glimmer of your soul who has faith in tomorrow.
The magic you see through a precious second chance.
The dreamer in your heart who still loves the dance.

Because even when their things were stolen by that dope
The Whos still had what no one can take and that was their hope.
Hope that keeps loved ones together though they may be apart.
Hope knowing Christmas comes straight from the heart.

While we can’t get together and hold hands like the Whos
We can still have a good Christmas with other choices we choose.
We can choose to still hope and sing joyful songs.
We can choose to remember more rights and forget more wrongs.

We can choose to value what matters when push comes to shove.
Like truth and honesty and empathy and love.
These belong to you, things no thief can steal
And when we share them with others, we all start to heal.

This Christmas may feel different. In fact, it may feel strange.
But like the Whos in Whoville, find blessings in the change.
So when you look in the mirror at that reflection that you see
I hope looking back it’s the Who, the Who you are meant to be.