A Non-Partisan Election Day Plan To Help You Survive the Big Day

A Non-Partisan Election Day Plan To Help You Survive the Big Day

By now, you’ve been encouraged to have a VOTING PLAN. If you haven’t already, MAKE PLANS TO VOTE.

No matter who you are supporting in the election, there seems to be a lot of nervous energy in our country today. Here is an NON-PARTISAN ELECTION DAY PLAN to help you throughout the day.

Keep It Moving.

Exercise that day. Lift weights. Run. Do yoga. Do one or all three. The endorphins will make you feel good.

Take Care of the Annoyances.

Are there a few things around your house that are bugging you? A dirty room? A broken drawer? A messy closet? Take care of a couple today or during the day tomorrow. It will give your brain something else to think about, provide a sense of accomplishment and remove that “ugh, I have to take care of this” moment when you return to that spot. These are things within our “sphere of influence” which are good to use when we feel surrounded by so many things out of our control.

Wear Comfy Clothes.

Whether it’s something you’d like to wear when going out to dinner or your favorite PJs, put them on. Whatever makes you feel good, comfortable and confident, let that be the outfit you wear that day.

Eat Whatever You Want.

You want donuts for dinner? Do it. M&Ms mixed with popcorn? Have at it. Take a night off of whatever diet you may be on and eat what makes you feel good. Just don’t indulge *too* much and get a food hangover.

(Speaking of hangovers) Watch the Booze.

Sure, a glass of wine might calm the nerves, but alcohol is a depressant. If your emotions tend to run high, be sure to have a good amount of water throughout the evening as well. It’s all about balance.

Take Breaks.

Election night guarantees to be a long one, and final results may not be known until the next day or two (don’t worry; that’s normal). Instead of watching the coverage minute by minute, take a break. Watch a 30-minute sitcom (I’m rewatching “Hot In Cleveland” myself). The election isn’t going anywhere and you could use the laugh break.

Be Anti-Social.

If you can, stay off social media. It’s a mind field of triggers. Some posts may be unverified stories and misinformation. Others may rub you the wrong way in a bad moment. If you want to be a part of the social community, perhaps hide certain connections from which you might need a “night off.”

List and Meditate.

Make a list of the things that won’t change after Tuesday’s results. Hobbies that bring you joy. Music that offers you comfort. People who you love. Actions you can proactively and positively take if your candidate does not win. List the constants in your life and meditate on those.

One way or another, Tuesday will likely bring changes. We don’t know what they will be, but we can do our best to take care of ourselves as we prepare for them.

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