Simple Ways Your Home Can Recharge Your Life

Simple Ways Your Home Can Recharge Your Life

Your day to day life can take a lot of you. In the age of covid19, work, school, exercise along with family responsibilities all happen at home. Instead of letting your house become a place that drains you of all of your energy, with a few small changes, you can create a home that can recharge your life.

Create Spaces That Recharge Your Life.

Throughout your home, give thought to the purpose and function of each room and area. Each square foot of your house can contribute in one way or another to the betterment of your overall life.

Meditation Space.

Some people may hear about a “meditation space” in their home and immediately imagine a yoga mat, a bonsai tree, and a Buddha statute. For some, that would be the perfect set up. For others, it could be a bean bag chair and heavy metal posters. Based on the individual, the meditation space for each person can be completely different. Ideally, the space would be separate from the television and other noisy activities and not be connected to other potential distractions. The important thing is to have a space that reminds you the importance of taking time to stop and practice intentional awareness. The regular practice of meditation reaps benefits such as improved memory, increased cognitive function, lower heart rate, and more energy.

Hobby Space.

For true balance in life, it’s important to be activity that we enjoy… one that might not be a part of our career or “day job” and one that we do not for money or responsibility but just for the mere reason we love to do it. This could include gardening, playing a sport, reading or practicing some form of arts and crafts. Whether it is an herb garden in your backyard, a basketball hoop in the drive way, a reading nook in your master bedroom or an extra bedroom that serves as a craft room, devote a part of your home to it. Having a place for your hobby will likely increase the time you practice it and help provide you the balance and overall enjoyment you deserve.

Fun Space.

In general, as a society, we are great at filling our schedule. Too infrequently, however, we don’t proactively schedule fun. Planning a fun activity and having a devoted space for it helps provide needed breaks in the routine and can be good for the soul. Have an area of your home and/or backyard that is set up for game nights, sports, video games, singing/dancing or just flat out silliness. It may surprise you how laughing can recharge your life.

Exercise Space.

You may have the space and equipment to have a full, functioning gym in your home. Perhaps you’re a little more limited in space and just have a few dumbbells or an elliptical machine. Whatever your square footage, it’s good to have an area for exercise. You may plan to do all your workouts at the gym, but there will be those days when the schedule doesn’t allow for a full trip to the gym or the weather prevents it. In those cases, it’s good to have a part of your home where you’re able to fit in a workout. Certain exercises may need to be adjusted and a few creative alternations may need to be made without access to full equipment, but you may be surprised all that you can accomplish (and the energy you feel) with workouts at home.

When I walk by my desk, I’m reminded of work I need to do. When I walk by my kitchen, I remember groceries I need to buy or dishes I need to wash. For the same reason, it’s important to have designated spaces for each of the activities above to serve as reminders about how vital meditation, hobbies, exercise, and fun are in your life.

Consider the Color.

Help match the color palette of the room to the purpose the room serves. Use lively and bold colors for rooms that will hold more activities and traffic. For spaces designed to invite more rest and relaxation, use more soft, natural and/or dark colors. This goes beyond just the paint on the walls. Take into consideration the coloring of all elements of the room including furniture, rugs, pillows, wall hangings, and lighting. The coloring of the room greatly impacts the effectiveness of its purpose. Color it correctly so that each room serves its purpose in recharging you.

Serving their Purpose.

Are your current rooms serving the purpose for which they are designed? If not, it may not just be the décor that needs a change. There may be a few bad habits practiced in the room that need breaking. Previously, we’ve shared ways that you can improve your sleeping habits, including decreasing the temperature in the room and ending screen time at least 30 minutes before turning in. for additional physical energy, look through the cabinets, refrigerator and pantry in your kitchen. Are you buying healthy options? Also, when eating a meal, are you allowing yourself to enjoy it? Set meal times with your family together (and the television off) encourages conversation and connection. If that is not a daily option, set a few nights a week when it is possible. You’ll find noticeable differences!

When you look through your home and evaluate how it adds to your energy, you may find a few of these easy additions and adjustments recharge your life.

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